Spectra Logic T380 LTO library with Robotic Controller

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Spectra Logic T380 T380 LTO library with Robotic Controller

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T380 Overview

Designed for Enterprise performance, the Spectra T380 tape library accommodates the storage requirements of organizations in every stage of their growth lifecycle. When your storage requires more slots than your library’s current capacity, there’s no need to buy a whole new library. By investing in a Spectra Enterprise library like the T380, all you need to change is your outgrown frame.

Spectra transfers the components in your existing library and puts them into a larger chassis. Upgrading is also EASY and FAST—you can switch between models in less than half a day. TheTranScale® architecture eliminates the need for realignment, host/server reconfiguration, world-wide name changes and switch rezoning.


ModelMinimum SlotsMaximum SlotsMediaMaximum Capacity
T380 with TS1150 Technology45261TS1150 Technology2,610 TB
6,525 TB1
T38050380LTO-6950 TB
2.4 PB2


DriveModelMaximum DrivesMaximum Throughput
TS1150 Technology
360 MB/sec

700 MB/sec1
T38012 Full Height15.6 TB/hr
30.2 TB/hr1
160 MB/sec
 400 MB/sec2
T38012 Full Height6.9 TB/hr
17.3 TB/hr2

1. TS1150 Technology Values calculated using 2.5:1 Compression.
2. LTO-6 Values calculated using 2.5:1 Compression.